Covid-19 Vaccination Hub Coventry

Please do not call your surgery to try to make an appointment unless they have contacted you by text, letter or by phone.

GP Connect PCN is providing Covid Vaccines services at Hoolbrooks Health Team Coventry.

Please read below how we are providing this service.

Holbrook Health Team is the COVID-19 Vaccination site for Coventry GP Connect. GP Connect is a team of 12 Practices. If you are a patient of the following practices, you will be contacted very soon to book an appointment for the Coronavirus Vaccination.

  • George Eliot Medical Centre (Dr Singh)
  • Edgewick Medical Centre (Dr Mishra)
  • Central Medical Centre (Dr Khan)
  • Longford Primary Care Centre (Dr Princewill & Partners)
  • Windmill Surgery (Dr Gonzalez)
  • Phoenix Family Care (Dr Lall & Dr Guhunia)
  • Cheylesmore Surgery (Dr Jaspal)
  • Park House Surgery (Dr Singh/ Dr Sharma)
  • Dr Dadhania (St Georges Rd)
  • Stoke Aldermoor Medical Centre (Dr Aggarwal)
  • Woodway Medical Centre (Dr Pankaj Patel / Dr Hardev / Dr Dabas)
  • Holbrooks Health Team (Dr Evans / Dr Kleine )

Covid-19 Vaccination

The COVID-19 vaccination will reduce the chance of you suffering with a COVID-19 infection. It will take your body several weeks to build up protection following the Covid vaccination course.

It is important to continue following National and Local Guidelines regarding COVID-19 infection and remain COVID SAFE.

There are no animal products in the vaccine.

During Your Appointment

Here at the Covid Vaccination Hub, you will be screened to check suitability – we will ask the following questions:

  • Have you had any vaccinations in the last seven days?
  • Are you currently unwell with a fever?
  • Have you ever had any serious allergic reactions to any ingredients of the Covid-19 vaccine, drugs or any other vaccine?
  • Have you ever had an unexplained anaphylaxis reaction?
  • Are you, or could you be pregnant?
  • Are you or have you been in a trial of a potential coronavirus vaccine?
  • Are you taking anticoagulant medication, or do you have a bleeding disorder?
  • Do you currently have any symptoms of Covid-19 infection?


After your vaccination you will be ask to wait in the marquee for 15 minutes for observations.

After the 15 minutes you can exit with your vaccination card, this is your record of the vaccination received and dosage. It will help remind you when to get your second dose. The second dose will between 10 -12 weeks from the first vaccination.

Side Effects

Like all medicines, this vaccine may cause side effects – they are often mild and short term.
Very common side effects include:
having a painful, heavy feeling and tenderness in the arm where you had your injection. (this tends to be worse around 1 to 2 days after the vaccine)
feeling tired
general aches, or mild flu like symptoms

These symptoms normally last less than a week. If your symptoms seem to get worse or if you are concerned, call NHS 111.

Please continue to follow National and Local Guidelines regarding COVID-19 and remain COVID safe.